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7:19 a.m. - 2005-04-29
i ain't got no time
he still hasn't called me. i wonder what he's thinking. How he can go from holding me and whispering into my ear how amazing i am, and that he loves me.

"we're in this together right, 50-50? give a little, take a little."

Did he feed me a line or what. all of a sudden, he doesn't call, he doesn't text me, no contact whatsoever. technically we're still together. i'm torn between being the psycho ex old-lady or the dignified lady in this situation. if i followed my heart then you can be damn sure that i would be contacting him now, giving him a piece of my mind and letting him know how phony i think he is.

but i am restrained.

here i sit, wondering what he's doing and where he's at, and when, if ever he will ever hold me in his big strong arms again. i am truly blown away this time. i have no idea exactly what happened, all i know is for a brief shining time, i was someone's everything.

i'm going to broadripple tonight. we're destined for the living room lounge. i don't know if they can convince me to move on, but God only knows, i do love to have a good time.

maybe he just needs a couple of days. i figure, if i don't call or communicate at all, it will take no time for him to break down and call me.

"Hi baby, i miss you alot."

we'll see
and if we don't see, then good riddance


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